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Small team - Big results 26 May 2019 Raised towpath repaired, tug improved and island strimmed.

There have been 5 adhoc task parties during May. Tasks undertaken by five BCS members included repairs to the raised towpath between top lock and the tunnel. There were four areas where the paths retaining boards had started to give way. These were straightened, reinforced and the towpath reconstituted. While BCS have tug 'Pochard' and flat in their possession several enhancements were made. Racks and shelving in the cabin to store equipment, refitting of the cabin light and painting the deck with non-slip paint. A wooden floor was added to the forward locker of the flat to make an effective storage area and a step constructed to make access easier.  In preparation for the historic boat show the island at the junction was given a strim after a thorough check to make sure there were no nesting ducks. The new turf BCS added at lock 1 was mowed and strimmed for the second time along with the rest of the lock side. The steps at bridge 90, where BCS installed the new gate last year, were also strimmed.


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