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October - Weir making a difference 2 Nov 2023 Weirs 1 to 5 cleared of vegetation & lock offsides mown.

The first task party in October saw a crew of 6 bring 'Skippy2Sheds' up to lock 1 where vegetation was cleared from the bypass weir and the hedge cut.  The arisings were transported to our disposal site at Union Canal Carriers.

The second task party crew of 11 boarded 'Skippy' at the Stophouse and proceeded towards lock1 to pick up the mower and strimmer from Union Canal Carriers. Next stop was at Daisy's Bakin' Butty for bacon butties all round. Thanks Mike. Fortified, the trip continued to lock 5 where the team split into 3 groups. One group set about clearing the weir and mowing/strimming the lock offside. Another cut the hedge on the onside and made room for arisings behind the hedge. The third group took Skippy up to lock 6 where a hung up broken branch was removed along with other overhanging branches. The lockside was also cleared of previously stacked arisings. On their return to lock 5 the groups reunited, unloaded and stacked the arisings then proceeded down the flight to lock 4 where the process was repeated. A tree was rescued from a serious ivy problem by cutting through the substantial stems. The weirs and offsides at lock 3 and 2 were given the same treatment on the way back to the Marina. As lock 1 offside had been mown the previous day this completed the lock/weir work for this year.



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