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Small numbers - Big results 18 Jun 2021 Six adhoc task parties held in May

Following on from the installation of the 1/2 milepost at lock 2 at the end of April BCS had six adhoc task parties during May. Several tasks requiring small teams were completed. These included :-

  • Installing the 3/4 milepost below lock 4.
  • Exploratory excavations to confirm the scan results of the location/depth of the Sky fibre cable.
  • Investigation of the source of the spring flowing across the towpath above lock 3.
  • Replacing 2 rotted fence posts and 4 rails at Midland Chandlers.
  • Strimming the junction island and sowing wildflowers.
  • Replacing the sign on the junction island.
  • Cleaning bird droppings from the memorial seat and cutting overhanging branches to deter birds.
  • Removing the last of the vegetation from the junction twin bridges.
  • Widening of the towpath in front of the bench above lock 1.
  • Maintenance of the grounds at Midland Chandlers including replacing a further nine fence rails.
  • Painting the handrails at lock 5.
  • Installing a ring to support a new intake grill to be fitted above lock 6.


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