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Offside cutting 27 Jan 2019 Offside vegetation clearance over Christmas and New Year

Having three of the regular BCS team assessed by CRT to helm tugs  allowed BCS to borrow tug 'Pochard'. To use it for offside cutting at Braunston they first had to get it there. On the 3rd Dec it was moved from Stoke Bruene to Gayton yard. On the 6th Dec, after it had been loaded with fencing material, it was moved to Bugbrooke. On the 10th December, after repairing the culvert fencing at Bugbrooke, it was moved to Weedon. The 11th saw it moored up near Braunston Marina. 
For the task parties on 13th and 29th December 'Pochard'  was used for offside cutting below the flight. To make the best use of the tug five other task days were organised on 15th, 22nd, 28th Dec and 2nd and 3rd Jan. This enabled cutting below the flight, and all but a 50 yard section between top lock and the tunnel, to be completed. Unfortunately, the tug needed to be moved below Buckby flight before the commencement of the stoppage there on the 7th Jan.
BCS returned 'Pochard' to Weedon  on the 5th Jan and then to this side of Blisworth tunnel on the 7th where it was needed for weir clearance.


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