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The weather for ducks 30 Dec 2019 December task parties plagued by rain

Dodging the rain seemed to be a major factor in BCS activities in December. The scheduled task party on the 12th had to be cancelled and the scheduled task party on the 28th was also cancelled due to personal commitments over the holiday. However BCS still managed to achieve quite a lot on adhoc days mostly involving the tug and flat. There were 10 of these this month involving 13 volunteers.  The flat was reloaded with gravel and pebble at the marina, land drains were installed as part of the latest towpath project and a gravel surface applied. Graham Newman generously donated the fabrication facilities at the Marina to effect modifications to the flat making it easier to use. The memorial seat for Richard Bailey was installed on previously constructed plinths. The servicing of tug 'Pochard' was facilitated whilst BCS continued the mods to the flat. The rotten fence posts were replaced at the lock 2 weir and a fallen tree on the offside at the Stophouse was cut up and transported to Midland Chandlers water point ready for chipping in the new year. 


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