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September 'paint off' 15 Nov 2020 The painting of locks 1 & 2 completes BCS 2020 painting schedule

Lock 2 received its two yearly coat of paint. To help maintain the social distancing rules the crew of nine was split into two groups, onside and offside, each with its own lock preparing and painting kit. The groups also operated the lock for the near continuous stream of boats. This minimised BCS contact with the public and kept the public away from the wet paint. 

The plan to not have gatherings of more than six worked very well at the task party to paint lock 1. As eleven BCS crew had volunteered they were split into two groups prior to arrival. This allowed the groups to operate independently before, during and after the task. BCS effectively ran two task parties in parallel.  Social distancing was observed apart from those living in the same household.  Preassigned roles allowed everyone to be effective and contribute to a very slick team effort which included operating the lock for a steady stream of boats.


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