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June - Companies lend a hand 26 Jun 2023 Corporate volunteers help to paint lock 4

The only scheduled task party in June welcomed 3 volunteers from National Westminster Bank and 2 from Galliford Try. With 14 willing and able crew, lock 4 was painted in good time along with further efforts to the edging of the brick coping above lock 3.

Six ad hoc task parties this month helped prepare for the annual Historic boat rally. Overdue vegetation control, after 'No Mow May', was actioned. This included around the Stop house, the Gongoosler garden, the towpath from the Stop house to the Junction, the offside at locks 1,2 & 4, the periphery of the junction island and offside at the Stophouse and several bridges.

Another ad hoc dealt with a leaning group of hawthorn trees near the marina entrance. Infested with ivy, they finally fell across the towpath  after a heavy rain storm. Luckily, BCS had predicted the likelihood of the event and had previously obtained permission and had planned to trim the tree within bird nesting season guidelines. Having positioned work boat 'Skippy' under the tree the day before it fell, BCS had an ideal platform from which to bring the tree down and clear the towpath obstruction. 



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