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July - Corporates swell the ranks 5 Aug 2023 Volunteers from RS Components and Galliford Try join BCS task parties

July’s first task party welcomed 10 volunteers from RS Components (Corby). With 18 willing and able crew, the painting of lock 5 proceeded at pace. The ‘lock waiting’ bollards along the towpath were also painted. Unfortunately the wet weather front arrived earlier than expected causing a hasty retreat to the welcoming environs of the Nelson pub.

Workboat ‘Skippy’ was in action again for the second task party when a crew of 9 replaced the rotted post and rail fence on the steps at lock 5.  A rotted rail was also replaced on the weir fence and all the rails given a coat of paint. This year's vegetation growth on the weir was removed as were the arisings from strimming the lock offside.

Several ad hoc task parties this month saw :-

  • The restoration of the fence that had been pushed over by the fallen hawthorn trees near the marina entrance.

  • Grounds maintenance at Midland Chandlers & the junction facilities area.

  • Refitting of a coping bumper beam that had come loose above lock 2.

  • The vegetation strimmed along the path from Butchers bridge up to the village.



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