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January - Cutting the cutting 9 Feb 2024 Offside and onside cutting near the tunnel portal

It was a cold, early start for the crew of 10 that took Skippy up the flight for some offside/onside cutting near the tunnel portal. On the way, a team of three were dropped off at lock 5 to repair some minor towpath damage caused by the recent rains. On completion, they rejoined the cutting team to attack some hawthorn overhanging the towpath while the rest of the team utilised Skippy to clear the offside at the tunnel entrance. Some of the arisings were chipped, the rest of the hawthorn being transported to the offside where it was 'eco' stacked.
The second scheduled task party saw a crew of 8 continue the onside cutting near the tunnel portal clearing the bank and revealing the slope of the original towpath. The arisings were chipped or transported to the offside. At the end of the day the chippings were exchanged for a small donation to BCS funds.



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