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August - Dry, drier, driest! 2 Sep 2022 Good weather allows completion of lock painting and other tasks.

Despite the heat during the first task party in August a crew of 8 painted lock 3 at the Nelson pub. The poor condition of some of the wood did not help but the lock now looks a lot better. This was the last of the 3 locks to be painted this year.

The ad hoc task parties this month included another outing for a crew of 6 aboard Skippy. The weir at lock 2 was cleared, the willow above lock 6 was trimmed and the towpath leading up to the tunnel cleared of low hanging branches. In addition, 3 more compost bins were built at Union Canal Carriers and their privet hedge trimmed. Lock maintenance was completed with the scraping of all the lock gates.

At the end of the month a team of 7 cleared the weirs at locks 3,4 & 5 along with addressing the lack of vegetation maintenance by contractors.


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